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Experience the whimsy and wonder of my world. My passion for creating stemmed from the simple - a love of light and storytelling. I specialize in miniature works that make a big statement, creating a world that is often satirical and political. Working from current events and a unique perspective, I ask the viewer to contemplate the complexities of society. 


Tiny Situations


Dioramas created by hand with the help of imagination.

I am now taking things a step further and will be offering small tableaus that can be purchased as original artworks. Each piece to be carefully crafted from snippets and items created for the photographs, allowing you to bring these tiny situations alive in your own home. These will be joining the store shortly.

Works On Paper

Sizing and pricing for this section are on their way.

Explore Works From The Past

Although my current focus remains on photographing miniatures I have been photographing for many years taking influence from fashion, filmmakers, and painters. All of my pieces have a story to tell, whether it is a commentary on society or the environment or just simply a celebration of beauty. Check out my previous works and you'll see an array of styles, subjects, and moods that define my artistic journey.

Thank you for your support!

Please contact me for information on how to  purchase a work. 

If not noted in the description, sizing is provided in inches. Shipping within the US is included.

I build tiny items in a tiny space and do not typically store any prints or shipping materials in-house so please be patient when placing orders as these items are filled on demand. 


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Send me a message,
I’ll get back to you shortly.

Thanks for reaching out!

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