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It seems that women should help one another rise to the top in the workplace, but all too often women wind up being one another’s worst enemies, incessantly picking at one another, leading to the comparison of hens pecking one another. We find them gathered in a simple gray cubical. Will no one let another advance to the corner office? 


The photograph also references a study in the 90s by biologist William Muir. He separated the most productive chickens (determined by egg-laying) from a flock and called these “super chickens”. The two groups shared a pen but produced eggs apart from one another. He supposed generation after generation from these "super chickens" would lead to a super productive flock. In only a few generations the results became clear, the average chickens continued healthy lives, and as a group, they were producing more eggs each year, while the group of “super chickens” had only three hens remaining the rest had literally pecked one another to death. 

Pecking Order

  • Limited Edition of 10.

    Printed on Hahnemuhle Photo Rag. 

    Small size ships in box, large size ships in tube.

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