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A white house and the cherry blossoms blooming beyond the door signify to the viewer that we are in Washington, DC. The walls, covered in paraphernalia, give a nod to areas spanning the country. The Midwestern section of the country, by recognizable articles from the Grant Wood painting, American Gothic. The riding saddle and stained glass take influence from Texas and the West. A red toboggan sled references the North and also the film Citizen Kane, including Orson Welles’s commentary on the media’s role in politics and power’s ability for corruption. Cotton and the overall architectural style found inspiration from the South. In this world, Washington, DC finds itself filled with sheeple. They may be running the place, or they may be overrunning the place. Either way, they come in a herd. 

We All Herd

  • Limited Edition of 10.

    Printed on Hahnemuhle Photo Rag. 

    Small size ships in box, large size ships in tube.

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